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When does an order close out if payment is made via Clover?

You must take payment through the Clover Orders App to close an order built via ShopScanGo.

Why does the Customer show up as Green after they checkout?

They are still in the store physically. Once they leave the store’s geo boundaries they will show as “left the store”.

Can I configure payment methods? By default payment is accepted only on the Clover POS (using whatever payment method you have setup on Clover).

If you add a Payeezy account to ShopScanGo you are enabling payment via the App. Transactions will be noted on the Clover station as paid with “SchopScanGo App”. Payment is processed though Payeezy.

What if a customer’s phone gets turned off or the battery dies while shopping?

Our system will detect this and remove the virtual consumer from the store on the app.

What if a customer says I already paid?

You can always check the Clover Orders App and it will show up as paid.

What is the ONLINE tab for?

If you request with us to enable online shopping your customers will be able to scan a previously purchased item from outside the store and they will be able to reorder that item for pickup at your store.